About the company

Paygine is a fintech-company and a processing center with extensive experience. We provide services according to BaaS model (Banking as a Service).

Key business area

Development of payment services for the largest banks of the country, microfinance and microcredit organizations as well as for shops, restaurants, marketplaces and aggregators. We provide services regardless of the size of the client’s business, which determines the special requirements to the level of our technology and system reliability. This level is always available for every client. Paygine services are available to partners under a White Label solution and can be seamlessly integrated into any interface.

The mission of the company

Our mission is to make payments more convenient, save time of hundreds of thousands of bank customers and create new opportunities for all e-commerce market participants. We focus on innovative technologies in the financial sector and apply to this all the technological potential of the company. We offer White label not only in a technical, but also in a legal way. All transactions, offers for transfers and payments, licenses for such activities remain under responsibility of our solution. Thus, the partner can create their own system of payments or financial product for customers based on our platform, without obtaining additional licenses and risk of losing customers by redirecting them to external payment systems.

Safety and minimization of risks

Our own multilevel online and offline fraud monitoring system provides the most effective balance between approving legitimate transactions and preventing fraudulent payments. We also use our own MPI module (Merchant Plug-In) 3Ds 1.0, 3Ds 2.0, which increases payments conversion at the payer authentication stage. Paygine successfully passes annual audit and has the certificate with the highest level of compliance with the international standard for data protection in the payment card industry PCI DSS Level 1 v.3.2


Reliable high-tech partner with a strong IT team and the cutting-edge payment technologies


99.99% аvailability of processing services


Processing over 1 million transactions per day


Our acquiring banks are among the Top-50 of the Russian banks

Secure payments

PCI DSS level 1 v.3.2 & Online Anti-fraud

Minimization of risks

Anti-fraud and the System of Individual Limits, MPI 3DS 2.0, 1.0

Unique solutions

The large pool of b2b-solutions: from virtual cards to acquiring

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