Safe Deal

Negotiate terms of transactions and receive money after the terms are fulfilled

Solution for marketplaces and aggregators

1. Protect the transaction between all participants: from service to delivery

2. Make payments when you need them. Set up automatic payouts

3. Attract new online marketplace members who take care about security

How do safe deals work

Customers pay for goods and services on the marketplace/aggregator


Funds for payment are frozen for up to 90 days


Funds are unblocked and transferred to the accounts and cards of all online marketplace members


Service can receive its fee immediately after payment

You manage Safe Deals

All management, from holding to writing off funds, is available only to the Aggregator


Contractor will receive a payment when the Aggregator system gives the command to transfer money

Delivery fee

In a single payment

Deal timeframe

Up to 90 days for each secure transaction

For Aggregator

Minimize tax risks, get your fee fast and easy

For users

Transparent and illustrative fee system

Confidence that payment will be made correctly

Service model

The aggregator platform brings together all the users who want to receive a service/good and those who are willing to provide services/goods in demand and supply.

High-quality payment service for the both sides is the key to success in carrying out any financial operations inside the platform.

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